November 3, 2010

Computer Forensics Show

by Cary J. Calderone, Esquire

I was able to spend limited time at The Computer Forensics Show in San Francisco this week. I understand when a show is debuting in a new city it may have issues, but the acoustics at the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason were pretty awful and, I am not the only one who noticed. It's too bad because the show did have some very good speakers and covered interesting DRED topics. Still, it was challenging to enjoy their presentations due to the acoustics.  Background noise notwithstanding, here are a few highlights:

Dean Gonsowski, Vice President, e-Discovery Services at Clearwell Systems, presented "Compliance in the Cloud and the Implications on eDiscovery. He provided a very nice overview of many issues that need to be considered when looking for a solution in the Cloud. Even when I asked about a tricky issue, i.e., "what to do when your data may be co-located across international borders?", he provided a thoughtful and practical approach. He had other terrific "checklists" to use when you look at Cloud solutions, but I am not listing them here. You'll have to see one of his presentations yourself.

I also enjoyed the session run by Michael Glick, Vice President of Encore Discovery Solutions "How Advances in Modern Electronic Discovery Practice are Changing Commonly Held Notions About Conflicts of Interest." He described the advantages to litigants following the Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation and waiving some potential conflict issues, and cooperating with adversaries during electronic discovery. There area even times when using a single provider and platform can save everybody money and hassles. I asked if Encore had protocols conflict checks for their eDiscovery clients? Much like lawyers and law firms, Encore follows high standards and protocols to ensure they do not represent parties with adverse interests. Pre-engagement conflict checking is too often an afterthought with some consulting groups in the DRED space and it shouldn't be.

On balance, I hope that this conference grows, finds a better location, and returns to San Francisco next year. If they continue with legal tracks that include good DRED discussions, I will attend again.

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