November 13, 2012

Shocking General Petraeus Emails

© 2012 Cary J. Calderone, Esq

Let me be clear.  The content is not what makes the emails shocking.  We do not know the specific content yet.  It is the mere fact that the emails exist that is shocking!   Here is a simple rule for all those who still do not get it.  Use your work email for work and use your personal email for personal matters.  If you are going to engage in "inappropriate behavior," it is probably best not to use work computers, or smart phones, or email, at all.   

For those of you who think that routine deletion or catchy confidential headers, footers, and disclaimers at the end of an email may protect you?   Please let me know as soon as you see something like that described in one of the news stories about this most recent headline-grabbing electronic data event.   Did the emails have to be verified?  Were they collected by a forensic expert using proven chain-of-custody techniques?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  The fact of the matter is another high ranking and seemingly pretty smart public figure has now resigned.  The emails were true enough...

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