September 27, 2010

Do you Tweet? Are you on Facebook? You need a policy!

Some companies have really benefited by using Twitter and Facebook accounts to grow and cultivate their customer base.  And many other companies are taking notice and making plans to do the same.  But, there are some very important precautions you should be taking before you ask your clients and friends to "Like" you online.  Do you have a policy or retention schedule that covers your social media interactions?  If not, you need one.  This type of communication is potentially "relevant" material to any matter dealing with customer representations and advertising.  Depending on your industry, you may be specifically required to manage and retain this information or, your lawyer might just suggest it as a good idea.   I know there are more lawyers who are learning about this new area of business communication, but there are still too few.  Please find one who understands it and speak with them, or, contact us so we can help. 

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