March 5, 2010

IQPC eDiscovery Summit in San Francisco coming in April

by Cary J. Calderone, Esquire

For those of you who do not think that a couple of my blog articles will be enough information for you, then consider attending the eDiscovery Summit in San Francisco on April 26-28. I plan on covering the Judges Panel on eDiscovery with U.S. Magistrate Judge, Elizabeth D. Laporte, and another session focused on Cloud Computing and eDiscovery. In 2008 I covered a keynote delivered by Judge Laporte. (link to 2008 keynote article) so I am looking forward to getting an update from her. As I have mentioned on this blog previously, it is a rare treat to be able to get eDiscovery information and education directly from judges, as opposed to interpretations by other "experts" and "pundits." U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert B. Collings is also scheduled to speak. Additionally, there will be quite a few inside counsel who will share their "hands-on" experience with eDiscovery.

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