February 2, 2010

Legal Tech 2010 Begins-First Keynote

By Cary J. Calderone, Esquire

This is the first post from Legal Tech 2010 in New York. Russell Stalters delivered the first keynote entitled "Don't build your E-Discovery Program on a Digital Landfill." Mr. Stalters discussed some of the very real-world issues that occur when companies try to manage their data better.
More and more, companies realize their attorneys and IT professionals do not have the necessary skills to manage data from the other's perspective. They often lack an understanding of the technology, law or the business reasons and realities around information management. Mr. Stalters believes companies would be wise to create a new C level position specifically in charge of RIM. Others have commented that Discovery Counsel or Information Czar types of positions are critical to success but he insists that they be at the C Level to get the job done well. He claims that even CIO's have had a different focus than what is necessary to apply best practices to managing information company-wide. He gave a brief overview of the Greenfield approach and how it can be employed. In conclusion, he never mentions the word "easy" but he insists that a fully compliant and functioning system can be achieved.

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